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Villabal LLC
We are a holding, with interests/representations within global agriculture. The companies within this holding include: Plantec Ecuador, Plantador Colombia, Agricola Pitacava, Semidor Cia. LTDA, and Camira Group Corp.
Plantec Ecuador
With 31 years of experience in the floricultural market in Latin America, Plantec maintains 40% of the Latin American Market in selection and introduction of new rose varieties. It is the largest producer of rose plants in Latin America and exports to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries. Plantec represents these four breeders: Pepinieres Georges Delbard (France), Grandiflora (Australia), Interplant Roses (Netherlands), and Kordes Rosen (Germany).
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Plantador Colombia SAS
Plantador Colombia has a similar objective as Plantec. This company focuses on Colombian markets.
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Semidor Cia Ltda
Semidor represents a diverse company portfolio, with international companies based on agricultural supplies such as irrigation, seeds, and more. Semidor represents Nirit Seeds, Sibbiopharm, and Seowon.
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Camira Group Corp
Camira is located in Panama and handles distribution logistics of agricultural products to Latin American countries.
Agricola Pitacava
Pitacava is a tropical fruit grower, and the largest grower of yellow pitahaya (dragon fruit) in Ecuador. It has 50 hectares currently in production and exports to Asia, the USA, the EU, and other regions.
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